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Frog went a-courtin

Mr Froggie went a-courtin an he did ride,
Sword and pistol by his side.

He went to Missus Mousie's hall,
Gave a loud knock and gave a loud call.

"Pray, Missus Mousie, air you within?"
"Yes, kind sir, I set an' spin."

He tuk Miss Mousie on his knee,
An' sez, "Miss Mousie, will ya marry me?"

Miss Mousie blushed an' hung her head,
"You'll have t'ask Uncle Rat," she said.

"Not without Uncle Rat's consent,
Would I marry the Pres-i-dent."

Uncle Rat jumped up an' Shuck his fat side,
To think his niece would be Bill Frog's bride.

Nex' day Uncle Rat went to town,
To git his niece a weddin' gown.

Whar shall the weddin' supper be?
Way down yander in a holler tree.

First come in was a Bumble bee,
Who danced a jig with Captain Flea.

Next come in was a Butterfly,
Sellin' butter very high.
An' when they all set down to sup
A big gray goose come an' gobbled ' em all up.
An' this is the end of one, two, three,
The Rat, the Mouse an' the little Froggie.

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